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Virgin Mobile Phones & Plans Review

Virgin Mobile offers consumers an attractive combination of good looking phones with low cost, no contract services. Users seek the brand out because of their reliable service, fashionable phones and good customer support. In addition, many people have started new phone lines or switched over to Virgin Mobile because they can save a bundle on cell phone services each month.

On this page, we review in detail how Virgin Mobile plans work, types of phones offered, the pros and cons of their services, and compare them with other prepaid phone services.

If you've already read the review and want to get started, click here to access the official Virgin Mobile website.

How Virgin Mobile Works

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Virgin Mobile provides cell phone plans with flexible terms. Consumers can subscribe to their monthly plans starting from $20 a month. Subscribers are free to stay on or cancel anytime. There are no contracts or early termination fees.

Virgin Mobile's plans are prepaid phone plans, meaning that consumers pay at the beginning of the period. There are no credit checks.

Users can move their existing phone numbers over to Virgin Mobile in accordance with FCC guidelines.

To get started, users will need to purchase a Virgin Mobile cell phone. Many users like the fact that Virgin Mobile's phone models are hip and trendy. More about Virgin Mobile phones here.

Clear Connections

Virgin Mobile offers clear connections to users through the Sprint network. Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint.

Types & Cost Of Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile has 2 main types of plans: Beyond Talk and PayLo plans.

Beyond Talk Plans

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Beyond Talk plans are meant for smartphone users. They start at $35 a month and . All plans include unlimited data and unlimited messaging, which includes SMS text messaging, emails and picture MMS. There are 3 levels of Beyond Talk plans:

  • $35/month – Unlimited Messaging, 300 talk minutes, Unlimited Data with 2.5 GB High Speed

  • $45/month – Unlimited Messaging, 500 talk minutes, Unlimited Data with 2.5 GB High Speed

  • $55/month – Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited talk minutes, Unlimited Data with 2.5 GB High Speed

Discounts: iPhone users receive a $5 a month discount with AutoPay.

How to get started with Virgin Mobile

PayLo Plans

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PayLo plans are meant for non-smartphones or feature phones. They start at $20 a month. Here are the 3 options:

  • $20/month – 400 talk minutes, 15 cents to send/receive text messages. Data for web access is $1.50 per MB.

  • $30/month – 1,500 talk minutes + 1,500 text messages + 30 MB of web access included.

  • $40/month – Unlimited talk and text + 50 MB data/web access

Picture messages are 25 cents each.

How to get started with Virgin Mobile

Rollover Minutes

Virgin Mobile will not rollover minutes that have expired for a period into the next period. For example, if you have 150 unused talk minutes at the end of the month, it will not be rolled over to the next month.

More and more low cost phone companies are moving away from offering rollover minutes, in favor of offering larger airtime packages for one low fixed monthly cost. If this feature is important to you, check out TracFone. Net10's Pay As You Go plans also include rollover minutes.

Compared To Other Companies

  • Trendy phones - Virgin Mobile stands out for offering the best looking phones amongst prepaid phone carriers.

  • Low prices for phones - Amongst prepaid phone companies, Virgin Mobile offers the best prices on phones. In addition, they often have web specials.

  • Credit program on phones - For more expensive phones, customers can pay in installments through Virgin Mobile's Bill Me Later program.

  • $35 unlimited plan - Their $35 a month plan with unlimited text and data, and 300 minutes is a crowd favorite and offers solid value. A similar unlimited plan bundled with unlimited talk minutes would cost $50 a month or more.

  • Great online help - Virgin Mobile's site offers many tools to help users manage their account. Besides the usual account management dashboard and toll free phone help, they provide updated and detailed FAQs and a monitored contact us form. For phone shoppers, the "Ask a Question" platform is a great way to get answers.

  • Great customer satisfaction - Virgin Mobile is rated as one of the top companies for customer satisfaction amongst prepaid phone companies, in JD Power's annual survey.

  • Great for heavier phone users, less so for light users - Virgin Mobile's plans are geared towards heavier users. Users who do not need more than 400 minutes or 1000 text messages may want to try TracFone, as they have the best plans for light/moderate users.

Phone Options


iPhone 5s

Virgin Mobile Awe

Virgin Mobile Supreme

Non-smartphones/Feature Phones

Samsung Montage

Kyocera Brio™

Samsung Entro


Getting Started With Virgin Mobile

1. To get started with Virgin Mobile, visit their site here, and pick a phone that you like.

Shopping tips: Each phone product page includes various tabs (see red arrow in image above): Phone Specs, Plans, Ask & Answer etc. If you have questions on a phone or their service, you can use the Ask & Answer tab.

2. Once the phone package arrives, you can activate the phone online and pick the no contract plan that works best for your needs.

3. Enjoy your new phone and savings!

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