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Straight Talk Wireless Review

Many current Straight Talk users think that it is the best unlimited no contract cell phone plan in the US, for the value and reliability. Is Straight Talk as good as it appears? More importantly, is it right for you?

On this page, we review in detail how Straight Talk plans work, the pros and cons of their services, and compare Straight Talk with other prepaid or no contract phone services.

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How Straight Talk Works

Straight Talk offers no contract cell phone plans. They have two plan levels - Unlimited and All You Need - which are most cost-effective for users who use their phones frequently.

Straight Talk's plans are prepaid phone plans. That means that there are no credit checks to get started. Users pay at the beginning of the month for their chosen plan. They can cancel at any time, when the service is no longer needed.

Users can port their existing number over to Straight Talk, under FCC guidelines. This feature is common across the board for all wireless providers.

There are two ways to access the service. The simplest way is to purchase a Straight Talk cell phone and plan. This allows the phone to be activated, and service airtime to be added on to it for use. This is currently the more popular way.

A second way to get started is to use an existing cell phone you own. In the second instance, users must first confirm that their existing phone is compatible with the Straight Talk service. Users will need to purchase a SIM card or Access Code and plan to get activated. (To learn more, visit the Straight Talk site. See Top Menu (Black Bar) > How It Works > Bring Your Own Phone)

Once you have bought the phone and plan, you can activate your phone and plan. You can then set it up to auto-refill every 30 days if you wish. Alternatively, you can continue to refill manually each month either online or over the phone. When service is no longer needed, you can end it.

Clear Connections

Straight Talk offers clear connections to users through the AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

Types & Cost Of Straight Talk Plans

Straight Talk has 2 main types of plans: Unlimited and All You Need.

Straight Talk Unlimited ($45 per 30 days)

Straight Talk unlimited plans are meant for either smartphone users or users who have very heavy phone usage requirements. The plan costs $45 per month. It includes unlimited calls, text messages and data (2.5 GB high speed).

Discounts: Users can purchase multiple months of service to receive further plan discounts. For example, paying for 3 months of service at a time will lower the cost to $43.33 a month.

International Calling: An unlimited international calling plan is available at $60 a month.

How to get started with Straight Talk

All You Need ($30 per 30 days)

Straight Talk All You Need plans are meant for non-smartphone users with heavy phone usage. It includes 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages and 30 MB of data.

This is a great plan. Users who are interested in this plan may also want to compare it to Virgin Mobile's $30 a month PayLo plan. It offers slightly more: 1500 minutes, 1500 text messages and 30 MB of data.

Rollover Minutes

There are no rollover minutes with Straight Talk's plans. Currently, rollver minutes generally offered with low to mid-volume Pay As You Go plans. The cost per minute tends to be higher than unlimited or high volume plans, making is less cost-effective for heavy phone users.

If this feature is important to you, check out TracFone. Net10's Pay As You Go plans also include rollover minutes.

Compared To Other Companies

  • Low price - Straight Talk's $45 a month offers extremely good value. While other companies have provided lower priced options like $40 a month, they also offer less eg. less high speed data, minutes etc.

  • Reliable services - Straight Talk uses the most reliable cellular networks in the country, such as AT&T and Verizon. It's overall coverage is 99.6%, wider than most, if not all, of its competitors.

  • Well-managed - It is operated by TracFone, which has the operations expertise. TracFone serves the largest number of prepaid phone subscribers in the US.

  • Good selection of phones - Straight Talk offers a good selection of smartphones and non-smartphones. Companies like Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile may have slightly better phone models to choose from, if you want to compare.

  • Bring Your Own Phone - Straight Talk allows users to use the Straight Talk service with their existing cell phones. Few companies offer that. In addition, they work with both CDMA and GSM networks, which means the chances of compatibility is higher. (To learn more, visit the Straight Talk site. See Top Menu (Black Bar) > How It Works > Bring Your Own Phone)

  • Less cost-effective for light or moderate phone users - Straight Talk's plans are less cost-effective for light or moderate phone users. A better option is TracFone, where the monthly spend can be less than $10 a month for decent airtime.

  • Bare bones customer support - Some users complain that Straight Talk customer support was not helpful. If you are concerned about this, companies like Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile have better ratings. That said, if you look carefully around, all cell phone companies have less than stellar ratings when it comes to customer support. Even though there are many legitimate frustrations and imperfect situations being talked about and shared, the odds are that you will receive adequate or better support.

Phone Options


To see more options, or if a phone is available for your area, click here. Fill in your zip code to find phones that work for your area.

Non-smartphones/Feature Phones

To see more options, or if a phone is available for your area, click here. Fill in your zip code to find phones that work for your area.


Getting Started With Straight Talk

1. To get started with Straight Talk, visit their site here, key in your Zip Code, and review phone and offers that work in your area.

2. Choose a phone you like.

3. Choose a plan that works for you.

4. Activate your phone and plan online or over the phone at 1.877.430.2355 (from another phone, not your new cell phone). At this time, you can also choose to set up auto-renewal, or not. You can continue to refill manually each month either online or over the phone.

5. Enjoy your service and savings!

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