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Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Consumers seeking out the Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans have lots of choices to choose from. They average around $45 to $50 a month.

The cost of plans are very competitive, so differences in pricing is often the result of slight differences in what's bundled. There are lots of different companies to pick from, and these are the top ones to consider given their track record and reliablility.

Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart

Cell Phone CompanyPlan TypeCostWhat Is IncludedAdditional DiscountsSmartphone Compatible?
Virgin Mobile
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Beyond Talk Unlimited Data$35/month300 min Talk/ Unlimited Text/ Unlimited Data (2.5 GB High Speed Data)
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$5 off with iPhone and AutopayYes
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Unlimited$35/monthUnlimited Talk/Text
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Unlimited$40/monthUnlimited Talk/Text/Data (500 MB High Speed Data)
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$5 off with second line in the same account ($75/month for 2)Yes
Straight Talk
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Unlimited$45/monthUnlimited Talk/Text/Data (2.5 GB High Speed Data)
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Around $2/month off with prepayments for 3 months and moreYes
Boost Mobile
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Unlimited$55/monthUnlimited Talk/Text/Data (2.5 GB High Speed Data)
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Up to $15/month off with on-time paymentsYes

While every effort hase been made to present accurate and up-to-date data, we are unable to offer any guarantees with this information. Please be sure to check the details before you sign up with any company.

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Here is more information about these companies offering unlimited plans:


StraightTalk is a top provider of no contract unlimited cell phone plans. They have a high usage plan for $30 a month and an unlimited everything (talk, text, data) plan for $45 a month. Most users are happy with slashing their monthly phone bill by half and more, with just as good service as they experienced with their previous cell phone plan. StraightTalk is sold at Walmart stores as well as the StraightTalk website. StraightTalk was originally launched through a joint venture between TracFone and Walmart in 2009.

StraightTalk connects users through the networks of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, depending on the area users are from, and their choice of phones. StraightTalk phone connections are usually very clear.


  • Cheap pricing that is easy to understand (2 straightforward plans)
  • 3-month prepaid phone cards allow users to save even more.
  • Good connections, reliable service
  • Good selection of phones for every budget - iPhones, Androids and more
  • Periodic offers of free phones with plan purchase
  • Has Bring Your Own Phone program for unlocked phones


  • iPhones are more expensive than Virgin Mobile

To learn more, check out the full Straight Talk Review.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Boost Mobile is one of the most established low cost unlimited cell phone plan company in the US. They offer a great selection of both smartphones and regular cell phones. Their unlimited plans cost $50 or $55 a month, but the costs will shrink with time, with on-time payments. Boost Mobile uses the Sprint network. They are a subsidiary of Sprint.


  • Good selection of the latest smartphones/ regular cellphones
  • Shrinking payments program - up to $15/month off
  • Good connections, reliable service
  • Certified pre-owned phones available for less
  • Periodic specials on their website


  • No lower level plan like what Virgin Mobile has for $35/month

To learn more, visit the Official Boost Mobile Website.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile LogoVirgin Mobile is a well-known brand that offers no contract cell phones. They appeal to a younger generation of phone users who like to have the latest phone models. Virgin Mobile has multiple plans for unlimited, starting from $35 a month for heavy texters. Virgin Mobile connects users through the Sprint network. Many users rave about their service and the good quality of phone connections.


  • Multiple unlimited plans starting at $35/month
  • iPhone users get an extra $5/month off
  • Good connections, reliable service
  • Great selection of the latest smartphones
  • Good discounts


  • Limited selection of regular cell phones ie. non-smartphones

To learn more, check out the full Virgin Mobile Review.




Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Best No Contract Cell Phone Companies



More on StraightTalk

Currently, StraightTalk offers a good selection of phones, such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SIII and more. They also have budget smartphones that pack in a lot of features for under $100. For people who do not need anything fancy, there are older models of touchscreen phones (under $40) or even free Qwerty keyboard phones on offer periodically. To learn more, click here and fill in the zip. This will bring up a listing of the phones available. The presentation is a little boring, but the low price and nice offers well makes up for it.

Nowadays, unlimited prepaid plans are considered some of the cheapest cell phone plans. Low cost prepaid no-contract services used to be best suited for customers who were light mobile wireless users. Not anymore!

Lots of consumers are migrating from $100 contract-based unlimited cell phone plans to these new prepaid plans and saving big. Virgin Mobile offers high volume usage plans from $35 to $55 a month, with a combination of text, data, and voice minutes. TracFone, the largest prepaid cell phone company started a new subsidiary called Straight Talk. The plans cost $30 or $45 a month and focuses on high volume users. High volume or unlimited texting included.

Click here to see the official StraightTalk Website for the $30/$45 monthly plans.

Straight Talk’s unlimited cellular phone service combines the reliability of Verzion Wireless’ nationwide network with TracFone’s proven management and administration of prepaid plans.

Starting in the summer of 2008, Walmart did a pilot that expanded to 234 stores nationwide and the response was tremendous. Walmart have since negotiated rights to be the exclusive offline retailer of this service. This arrangement was announced on 10/14/2009.

As we all know, Walmart screens the products they sell very carefully, so these plans must have passed some tight scrutiny both in terms of pricing and quality.

These wireless plans are available either from Walmart or online from the Straight Talk website. I will be reporting more about these high usage and low cost cellular phone plans soon.

All said, Straight Talk is one of the newest contender as the best unlimited cell phone plan for texting and talking. You have a number of other choices. The leading companies that offer the cheapest unlimited cell phone plans include prepaid unlimited plans from ATT GoPhone, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS and StraightTalk by Tracfone. All of these plans have gotten positive customer reviews.

These are some of the cheapest unlimited cell phone plans for texting and talking for $30 - $60 a month. Although you can purchase all of these plans without any contracts, it is still prudent to check through a few of these offerings before buying one. Try to research online first before going into a store, as the retail salesperson may want to sway you towards their offerings.