Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
Find The Best Cell Phones & Plans Without Contracts

Best No Contract Cell Phone Companies

There are dozens of no contract cell phone plan operators out there. We have selected the best of these companies based on their plans and phone options with the best value, operational reliability and clear connections.

These are the top 7 companies to pay attention to if you are shopping for a good cell phone plan that will work with a good range of cell phones. If you want to quickly glance through a list of plans available, check out this Cheapest Cell Phone Plans comparison table.

List Of Best Low Cost Phone Plan Companies

TracFone - Best plans for light/moderate phone users. Plans start at $7/month for smartphones and non-smartphones.

Virgin Mobile - Best selection of trendy phones, attractive unlimited texting plan. Virgin Mobile non-smartphone plans start at $20/ month, Smartphone plans start at $35/month 300 minutes, unlimited text and data.

Straight Talk - Best plans for heavy phone users seeking reliable connections. Plans start at $30/month for non-smartphones, $45/month for smartphones.

Boost Mobile - Sophisticated selection of phones, unlimited plans and discounts for on-time payments. $50/month for non-smartphone, $55/month for smartphone unlimited plans.

Net10 - Best prices and flexible plans for moderate to heavy users. Plans start at $15/month for non-smartphones, $40/month for smartphones.

AT&T GoPhone - Competitively priced plans backed by AT&T's network, $40/month 500 minutes, Unlimited Text plan

T-Mobile - Wide selection of unlimited plans, including an $80/month plan with 5 GB high speed data. $50/month unlimited plan.


TracFone TracFone is the largest prepaid cell phone company with most subscribers in the US. In it's earlier years, some considered TracFone expensive to use for its high per-minute charges. Today, with it's Double and Triple minutes for Life program, it's rates are extremely competitive. It is the cheapest plan for people who do not use their phones a lot.

  • Cheapest plans, starting from $7 a month
  • Reliable connections through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile networks
  • Great selection of low-cost smartphones and non-smartphones
  • Family plan discounts
  • International calling included (same rate as local calls to over 100 destinations)

TracFone is best recommended for the budget-conscious consumer who use their phones lightly or moderately (eg. less than 300 minutes/texts a month). Full Review >>


Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile LogoVirgin Mobile is one of the best known brands for prepaid cell phones and plans without contracts. It specializes in offering stylish up-to-date cell phone models and low cost plans. It's plans are cost-effective for moderate to heavy cell phone users, including users who text a lot.

  • Wide selection of modern, trendy cell phones
  • Reliable connections through the Sprint network
  • Low cost plans starting at $20/month for regular phones, $35/month for smartphones
  • Unlimited texting plan
  • Good periodic online deals

Virgin Mobile is best recommended for consumers who enjoy using mid to higher end cell phones without breaking the bank. Their $35 a month unlimited plan is especially cost-effective for heavy texters. Full Review >>


Straight Talk

Logo for Straight TalkStraight Talk is the leading low cost unlimited cell phone plan in the US. Their popularity is spurred by the brands' connection with Walmart and TracFone, two very well-known companies that teamed up to launch this service. Straight Talk distinguishes itself by providing a low cost unlimited plan at $45 a month.

  • Unlimited talk, text, data (2.5 GB high speed) at $45 a month
  • Reliable connections through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile
  • Additional plan discounts for 3 month prepayments
  • Great selection of phones, and periodic free phone offers
  • Bring your own phone - you don't even need to buy a Straight Talk phone

Straight Talk is best recommended for heavy phone users who seek reliable phone connections at the lowest rates. A number of newer competitors are trying to edge into the market, some even pricing their plans a few dollars less, but they lack the operational record and strength of Straight Talk. More Info >>


See Cheapest Cell Phone Plans Comparison Table


Boost Mobile

Boost MobileBoost Mobile is one of the oldest and most respected prepaid phone companies. They offer reliable phone services and quality cell phones such as the iPhone, Android smartphones, Blackberry or regular feature phones with keyboards. Boost Mobile specializes in unlimited phone plans.

  • Unlimited phone plans starting at $50 a month
  • Discounts of up to $15/month for on-time payments
  • Reliable connections through the Sprint network
  • Great selection of both smartphones and feature phones (ie. non-smartphones)
  • Certified pre-owned phones program offers quality phones at rock-bottom prices

Boost Mobile is best recommended for heavy phone users who like reliable connections and quality cell phones. Consumers who intend to stay with the company over time, and who pay their bills on time will be well-rewarded with great plan discounts. More info >>



Logo for NET10Net10 offers a wide range of plans for every type of phone user: casual, moderate and serious phone users. It is owned by TracFone, and expands on the cost-effective range of plans that TracFone offers, with more emphasis on moderate to heavy phone use.

  • Wide selection of plans, starting at $15/month to unlimited plans for $50/month or more
  • Reliable connections through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile
  • Great selection of phones, including iPhone, Androids, Flips Phones, Touchscreens etc
  • Bring your own phone program

Net10 is best recommended for moderate to heavy phone users seeking the best plan rates. They have something that appeal to everyone, their rates are competitive, and connections are clear and reliable. More info >>


AT&T GoPhone

AT&T GoPhone is AT&T's attempt to compete with cheaper plans as more and more customers migrate to other phone companies with cheaper rates for the same service. Highlights include:

  • AT&T's quality brand name and service
  • Reliable service through the AT&T network
  • $60/month Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (2.5 GB high speed) includes hotspot tethering
  • Unlimited text to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 countries
  • Bring your own phone/device (BYOP/BYOD) for GSM compatible phones/devices

AT&T GoPhone is best recommended for users who like the assurance and reliability of a good brand name in a marketplace crowded with different companies. Even though their pricing may not be the cheapest, it is definitely competitive and offer great value. More info >>



T-Mobile is the first of the big 4 telecommunications companies to lower their prices. They did this by breaking the components of a bill down to the cost of cell phone service, and the cost of phones. The cost of traditional postpaid cell phone plans are usually high because a portion of it went into funding the cost of a phone. (Unfortunately, the extra charges remain in place even after enough has been collected to fund the cost of the phone.)

  • T-Mobile's well-known brand name
  • Reliable service through the T-Mobile network
  • Flexible plan options starting at $50 a month for unlimited talk, text and data (1 GB high speed)
  • $80 a month for unlimited talk, text and data (5 GB high speed) with mobile hotspot tethering
  • Pay as you go plans as low as 10 cents a minute

T-Mobile is best recommended for users who like cost-effective, flexible plan options from a well-known brand name. Their smartphone plans starting at $50 per month also includes hotspot tethering. More Info >>


See Cheapest Cell Phone Plans Comparison Table