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About Us

Hello my name is Shannen Lee,

And thanks for checking out my website dedicated to the best prepaid cell phones, plans and providers available.

So… how did this blog come about?

About 8 years ago, I got really tired of paying $50 each month for a cell phone. Even though all the minutes rolled over, they were meaningless to me since I never got round to using them. In my research of less expensive options, I found out about prepaid plans. I signed up with the best prepaid cell phone provider I could find – TracFone, and ended up savings close to $500 my first year!

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Since then, I’ve found that prepaid cell phone plans have been getting better and better. Due to all the new developments, I’ve gotten hooked on finding out how good pre paid can get. I don’t just look, I put my money down and buy too, as I recently upgraded to my third TracFone.

With all these information, I like to record my findings and share it through this blog. I hope that after reading this, a few people can easily find what they are looking for and enjoy the best cell service available!

To clarify a misconception that prepaid cell phone plans only work for infrequent cellphone users, the best prepaid cell phone plans currently beyond cater to all levels of usage. From people who make just few phone calls a month to people who are on their cell phones all the time.

Prepaid cellular phones are getting a lot fancier too. Beside the plain basic cell phones, you can find different styles of phones, flip phones and slider phones with features like digital cameras, blue tooth readiness, MP3 music playing, downloadable ringtones, SD memory card slots, Qwerty keypads and web access. Texting ability is pretty much agiven.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at admin (at)

Lastly, as a fair disclosure, I may get an affiliate commission if you make a purchase through links from this website. This helps to pay for the expenses associated with upkeeping the site. This will in no way alter the pricing or bundles you will receive.